Timetable and Memberships

We offer a flexible schedule to accommodate various lifestyles, including morning, afternoon, and evening classes throughout the week. 

Flexible Membership Options for Every Need

Choose the membership plan that best fits your schedule and goals. Whether you are an adult, woman, or looking for junior, or senior kids program, we have a plan for you. Enjoy flexibility, no lock-in contracts, and the best training environment.


This option offers unlimited access to all classes throughout the year, with the flexibility of a no lock-in contract and up to four weeks of suspension per year. 


/     Fortnight

This option provides a one-time class pass for any adult class of your choice. We also offer a women’s-only class every Thursday evening.


/   Class

Our Jr Bulldogs Class is tailored for children ages 4-9, around the school terms and includes all regular classes on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.


/   month

Our Sr Bulldogs Class is designed for children ages 10-14, covers all term-time classes plus additional sessions during school holidays, without a lock-in contract.


/   Fortnight

Adults attend can attend any adult class of your choice, ideal for those looking to train on a more flexible basis.


/   Class

Perfect for beginners, advanced practitioners, and competition prep. Learn at your own pace, achieve faster results, and get in top shape with personalized training. Available upon request. 

Available upon request.

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